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Worship Reflections – November 15, 2009


Worship Reflections is an opportunity for worship leaders in the Regina area to take a step back and reflect on your time worshipping God.

Here’s how to participate in Worship Regina!

1.  If you are a blogger, write about your service.  If you don’t blog, just leave your comments below including a list of the songs that your congregation sang.

2.  Reply to this post and include a link to your blog entry and any other comments!

Simple as that!

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Westhill Worship! – November 15, 2009

We had a lot of different things happening this morning.  Our current focus is on the Nicene Creed.   We intentionally changed our typical order of service, with an extended song set early in the service.

We also spent time with a focus on Prayer for the Persecuted Church.

Here’s a peek at the Planning Center view of the morning:

Nov. 15 – http://www.planningcenteronline.com/plans/808546/public

Walk-in Song:

Call to Worship:

Opening Set:

Persecuted Church:

We viewed a video (available at idop.ca) that gave a brief overview of what many churches face.  The church in Canada / North America is very, very blessed by the many freedoms we experience as we live our faith.  I led the congregation in two songs that we sang without a band, without hymnals and without projection.

David continued his series on the Creed (Video onDemand)

We closed with There Is A Redeemer Melody Green-Sievright

A very, very good morning worshiping God.


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November 15, 2009 Posted by | Worship Reflections | 3 Comments