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Casual Friday – Time to Pause

The last couple of months have just flown by. I read a blog post Thursday evening by a fellow worship leader and friend, where he was calling on God to forgive him for being so busy and so focused on doing things. He felt that he had just been giving God what was left over after everything else was done. It kinda hit me like a 2×4 to the side of the head. But I had an assignment of finish off and had to get things ready for the Worship Team practice.

It’s now early Friday morning. I just finished off a paper as part of my Pastoral Ministries studies at Carey. We had a great evening of worship earlier (Thursday evening that is) at worship team rehearsal. One of the songs we prepared for Sunday is “Turn Your Eyes Upon Jesus”. As I think about my friend’s post, and the word’s of the song, I realize that I’ve been giving God what’s left over.

“Turn Your Eyes Upon Jesus, look full in His wonderful face. And the things of Earth will grow strangely dim, in the light of His glory and grace”.

I’m glad that after some sleep, God will have a new day ready for us. I’m looking forward to rejoicing and being glad in it!

In His loving Hands,



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Casual Friday

Welcome Back!

Couple of things to touch on this week.

Barna Group Report

Earlier this week the Barna Group released the results of a recent survey of Americans. In it they explored the extent that Christians have a biblical Worldview. Although I am always very skeptical about surveys and statistics, this report from Barna does reveal some disturbing trends.

Here’s an excerpt of Barna’s conclusions:

“Barna concluded by noting that the lack of movement in the worldview status of adults reflects the fact that children are not provided with the basic ability to think in ways that correspond to foundational biblical teachings. He noted that Christian families, Christian schools, and Christian churches would be wise to invest more effort and tangible resources into helping young people understand and adopt the core ideas of Christianity, and to reinforce those concepts through their own lives. His pointed out that without such an investment, the current generational patterns indicate that the future Christian Church is likely to be one that has even less of a connection to biblical principles than is evident today.

The full report can be read at the Barna Group’s website.


We’ll be singing a couple of new songs this weekend at Westhill:
– It’s Time for the Reign of God – Brian Doerksen

– I Will Rise – Chris Tomlin

That’s it for Friday morning! To those of you within the Westhill community, I look forward to joining with you in worship this Sunday. For those of you out in the blogosphere, I pray that you and your congregations will be profoundly aware of God’s presence as you worship him.


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Casual Friday

Hi everyone, welcome back to Casual Friday! Another busy week around here. We had a fantastic evening yesterday. With the youth team leading this Sunday, we had an opportunity to spend some time as a team, talking, singing, praying, and emoting!

For those who didn’t make it out, we learned a couple of new songs that we’ll be using on an upcoming Sunday morning.

Brian Doerkson’s music has always been well received by our congregation. Last night we listened to, learned and worshiped through the title cut off of his new album, It’s Time. It’s going to be a great opening song!

We also spent a lot of time with Chris Tomlin’s “I Will Rise”. This is an incredibly powerful song. I hope to introduce it within the next couple of weeks and then use it as part of the second set on Easter Sunday. Given the personal impact that this song has had on me, and the visible impact that it had on our team last night, I’m very sure that this song will truly be a powerful and engaging song for Westhill. Here’s Chris talking about the song.

And the actual song…

A busy weekend ahead for me. I’ll be spending Friday evening and all day Saturday in lectures for the third last class in the Carey graduate program. We are taking a class on “The Life of Christ” with Benno Przybylski from Carey. I humbly ask you to pray for myself and a couple of the other students who are struggling a bit to keep up with the assignment load from these classes.

Wishing you God’s richest blessings! Make it a fantastic day!


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Casual Friday

It’s Friday, so here are some morning ramblings!

1. I’m really not sure where the week went. Must be the hibernation mode we’re in. Windchill is -44 this morning and it’s the end of February. There … I’ve made my obligatory comment about the weather.

2. I’m praying for one of our tech team members who was taken to hospital last night. Really hoping for some good news today.

3. Had coffee with Merle last night to plan out our presentation for the Annual Meeting on Sunday night. We’ve got 8 minutes between the two of us. Now THAT …. will be a challenge.

4. Briercrest College Singers are going to be joining us on Sunday and providing a goodly chunk of the music. Should be great. Merle guesses that there should be around 30 of them on platform. They’ll be joining the worship team for the congregational singing. Pretty cool … last week we had our children’s choir join the WT and this week college students. I’ve been reading a bit on “Unified Worship”, and these are two great examples of what that means. Watch for a blog post on that soon.

5. I’d appreciate your prayers. I have 3 assigments due, (2 are quite overdue) for my courses from Carey. I’m really wanting to get caught up this weekend!

6. One of the long time members of our Worship Team is moving to Alberta and have just sold their home, despite the many times that I have removed the “For Sale” sign from their yard!

Have a great weekend gang!


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Casual Friday

One of my goals for 2009 is to get a bit more organized on the web. So here are some of my plans (at least for now!).

  1. After over a year trying to find real value on Facebook, I’m concluding that it is fun, but way too time consuming. I’ll be pulling back on my use significantly.
  2. I’ll be using this blog, “Shine!”, as the primary communication for Worship and Technical Ministries. I’ve added a “subscribe by email” capability (look up and to the right) and encourage you to subscribe.
  3. Scheduling and detailed service plans are going to be coordinated through planningcenteronline.com. Thanks to all of you who have so strongly supported this new process.
  4. Casual Friday” is going to be a regular part of “Shine!”. This is where I’ll be tying up the loose ends from the week … stuff that may have come up at Thursday practices, and some random thoughts that I might have. And I invite you to participate as well.
  5. Tech Tuesday” is a day where we’ll focus on the area of Technology in Worship. We’ll discuss what we’re doing at Westhill and thoughts on other methods to have technology serve the ministry.
  6. Comments!! I really invite your comments as we go. I will be moderating the comments, so they may not appear immediately.

So, let’s get started!

  1. What a great practice last night! I’m really looking forward to seeing it all come together on Sunday. I’m really looking forward to having Kids Praise join us for Shout to the North and Be Glorified. We did a couple of songs that were new to some members, so here’s a couple of links to help you familiarize yourself with them before Sunday.
    From The Inside Out
    God With Us
  2. Service Plan for Sunday
  3. I enjoyed sharing the video “The Gift of Worship” last night. For those who could be there, I encourage you to have a watch. (http://www.sermonspice.com/videos/9109/the-gift-of-worship)
  4. I’m going to be working on the March schedule this weekend. Please take a few minutes to log in to planningcenteronline and block out the Sundays (and Thursdays) that you are not available.
  5. Next Sunday, we will be welcoming the Briercrest College Singers under the direction of our very own Merle Matejka. Merle has asked for a full band, not sure about vocalists yet.
  6. This is the “Missions Encounter” weekend. We will be hosting the wrap-up session at Westhill on Sunday evening. It will be a great evening!

That’s it for now!


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